Over the past few months, Alaska Airlines has been on a roll adding new award redemptions. And its latest award partner was just added today. Alaska Mileage Plan members can now redeem miles on Ravn Alaska.

Haven’t heard of Ravn? You’re not alone. This tiny Anchorage-based airline has just 11 aircraft and only flies to 12 destinations within Alaska. If the name sounds vaguely familiar, that might be because the airline recently made news for adopting the “world’s first crypto frequent flier program.”

Here’s what you need to know about Alaska’s new award redemptions on Ravn Alaska.

Alaska Mileage Plan Award Chart on Ravn Alaska

Alaska’s Mileage Plan mileage program utilizes a different award chart for each of its partner airlines. That means the award price of your flight isn’t just based on the regions you’re flying between, but also on which airline you’re flying on. Due to Ravn’s small route network, the Alaska Mileage Plan award chart for Ravn is rather simple. Intra-Alaska flights on Ravn start at just 7,500 Alaska miles each way.

Ravn Alaska route map

For example, you can fly from Anchorage (ANC) to Valdez (VDZ) for just 7,500 Alaska Mileage Plan miles each way:

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan award example from Anchorage to Valdez on Ravn Alaska

Or, fly Ravn from Anchorage to King Salmon (AKN) for just 10,000 Alaska miles each way. Although you may want to fly on Alaska Airlines for a bit cheaper:

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan award example from Anchorage to King Salmon on Ravn Alaska

Unfortunately, award rates on Ravn Alaska range significantly. For example, some flights between Anchorage and St. Paul Island (SNP) can cost a whopping 40,000 Mileage Plan miles:

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan award example from Anchorage to St. Paul Island on Ravn Alaska

While that’s pretty steep, this redemption can actually still provide decent value. Ravn is currently charging $540 for this flight. After factoring in taxes and fees on the award, you’re still getting over 1.3 cents per mile in value. That’s slightly above the average redemption rate of 1.29 cents per Alaska Mileage Plan mile on short-haul economy award flights.

Ravn Alaska doesn’t partner with any other major mileage programs. So, there aren’t any comparable award options for booking these same flights. That means your only way of flying Ravn using miles is by using Alaska Mileage Plan miles. Otherwise, you can try to use bank points by booking Ravn flights through an online travel portal.

Earning Alaska Mileage Plan miles on Ravn

If you’ve purchased a flight on Ravn, you can earn Alaska Mileage Plan miles on your flight. No matter how cheap or expensive your ticket is, you’ll earn Mileage Plan miles at a rate of 100% of flight miles.

Redemptions on Alaska’s New Oneworld Partners

With the addition of Ravn awards, Alaska Mileage Plan has now added award redemptions on 7 new partner airlines since September 2021:

  1. Qatar Airways
  2. Iberia
  3. Royal Air Maroc
  4. Royal Jordanian
  5. Malaysia Airlines
  6. SriLankan Airlines
  7. Ravn Alaska

The only new partner that Alaska hasn’t added redemptions on is S7 Airlines — which was just suspended from the Oneworld alliance due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Our Take

Compared with adding awards on Qatar and Iberia, Alaska’s new award flight partnership with Ravn is relatively minor. However, for those traveling through Alaska, this can be a useful addition. Ravn flights can be quite costly when you’re buying cash fares. So, Alaska Mileage Plan award redemptions give you a way to potentially save on intra-Alaska flights.

Are you planning to use Mileage Plan miles on Ravn?

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