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If you are interested in choosing an interesting gift option, then it makes sense to pay attention to gift cards. Etsy is a popular marketplace and there are many products here. You will have the opportunity here to choose and buy everything you need at affordable prices. A gift card from this marketplace will be a great gift option for everyone, therefore, you should take a close look at this option. So, where can you buy Etsy gift cards? Let’s try to figure out what these cards are and where you can buy them.


What are gift cards

Gift cards are cards that can be purchased as a gift for your loved ones instead of a specific product. And the person himself can choose a gift for the gift amount, not in a particular store, but among the whole Etsy-platform. The essence of this service is almost no different from gift cards of other stores, beauty salons and similar institutions. In addition, these cards can be used not in one particular store, but in any store that accepts them. Gift certificates are available in 4 denominations only – $25, $50, $100, and $250.


Where to buy Etsy gift cards

A gift card can be purchased by any Etsy user, no matter what country he is in. To do this, go to the site and enter the necessary data in the appropriate fields. You can buy a gift card on our website. This is a convenient way to give your loved one an interesting and unusual gift.


How do I know the store accepts gift cards?

Firstly, if the store accepts Etsy gift cards, each listing will show the appropriate information: “This shop accepts Etsy gift cards”.

Secondly, if the buyer has such a card, he is likely to search for products among stores with this service. To do this he will need to select the appropriate menu item “Accepts Etsy gift cards” on the search page.

etsy gift cards

More info

If the buyer purchased an item for less than the value of the gift card, the balance will be kept on the card for future purchases. If the value of the product is higher, the difference will have to be paid for (by Direct Checkout). The gift card cannot be used to pay Etsy bills/commissions, purchase another gift card at its expense, or make a purchase in a store that does not accept such cards.


In addition to the general gift card used for the entire Etsy Marketplace, each store may offer customers gift cards that can be used in a particular store. 


Etsy gift cards where to buy

If you decided to buy this type of gift card but don’t know where to buy Etsy gift cards in stores, you can use our website. This is a great way to pick out and buy a unique gift for your friend or colleague at work. Such a gift is always highly appreciated, because you can use it any way you want. He can visit the Etsy site himself, choose his favorite store and buy the products he likes. At the moment, there are many great products available only on the Etsy Marketplace. So gift cards are highly appreciated. You can choose and buy any gift cards in our online store. This will help you find the best gift possible.


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