Where to buy Amazon gift card?

Finding the most preferable gift for your friend or member of your family is not as easy as it may sound. That is why you can arrange a gift card with a certain amount of money which can be spent on any product provided by a merchant. Here Amazon is the best choice because it makes a wide range of goods accessible for an owner of a gift card. This is a brilliant present for birthdays and any other holiday. Moreover, it can be chosen as a reward for employees. Are you burning with desire to get it right now? We are going to tell you where to buy Amazon gift card without effort!

General information

Once again Amazon Gift Cards are intended to be used to buy goods or services suggested on Amazon.com or Amazon’s websites in different countries, like Amazon.fr. The owner of a card can buy food, clothes, accessories, gears – a lot of categories available on this online retailer. If you worry about “where to buy amazon gift card near me”, you should know that there are numerous locations which can be chosen on a site at your ease.


In addition, you can find gift cards issued for being used at restaurants and SPAs. The list of brands is mentioned on the site and includes such popular venues as Starbucks, GAP, Kohl’s, SUBWAY, Buffalo Wild Wings, Sports Authority, and others. You can see that offering satisfies a vast array of needs. The cards can be customized. Forget about an impersonal format and add an individual message. There are a lot of designs of a gift card for various reasons. You can choose a Christmas or wedding style. And there is another piece of good news! Most gift cards are delivered for free.

amazon gift card

How to use it?

What else should you know about Amazon.com Gift Cards? There is no expiration date. Absolutely! These cards will be accepted at any time without restrictions. Also, you can enjoy their affordability because there are no fees when you use them to buy goods. The cards themselves can be bought of any denomination. You can find a card with a loaded amount equal to $ 1 or $ 1 000. 


There are two ways to redeem a card. If you have your Amazon account, you can send all balances of a card to this account adding to an existing amount. This is a nice solution if you are afraid to damage a plastic card and herewith you have no intention to spend the entire sum at one go. Also, you can leave as is and wait for a favorable opportunity to spend the funds buying a thing you want. In this case, you should choose your gift card as a payment method and enter the required information. You can redeem a gift card at Amazon’s website and on the Amazon app by applying a claim code printed on the back of your physical card. First, you should remove a protective coating, and you will see the code. If you have a digital gift card, its code is sent via email.


Once the card is redeemed, it can be used immediately or a user may transfer the funds to his Amazon account to keep it until he decides to benefit from this option. When you use a part of the amount, the rest of the money will be in pocket for future use. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can transfer the money onto an Amazon gift card from your bank card and you will get 2% cash back. To top it off, an issuer often sends books and game streaming to his customers as an invitation.


Now you understand the value of Amazon gift card, where to buy it is the subject of the next paragraph.

Where to buy?

Telling the truth, the beauty of this card is that you can get it almost anywhere. There is a long list of retailers delivering Amazon gift cards including the most popular stores like Safeway, Barnes and Noble. We recommend looking for this list on Amazon website and check for the most convenient physical locations from among all involved. If you want to do without intermediates, you can visit Amazon.com and arrange a gift card with standard $10, $25, $50, $100 amounts all by yourself. There are options allowing you to extend an offer of an available value in range of $25 – $500.


You should know that these gift cards can be arranged by different ways:


Anyway, we’d like to emphasize that there are no purchase fees when you buy an Amazon gift card of any denomination and by any method. Though, there are some restrictions which should be checked out on www.amazon.com/gc-legal for. Before you decide where to buy $10 or $5 or $1000 Amazon gift card, you’d better read those rules and terms.


This is a really perfect gift whatever type of it you choose. Just go to Amazon.com and make things happen!

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