Where Is the Security Code on a Starbucks Gift Card?

The Starbucks gift card is the best present for coffee lovers. It allows you to make as many orders as its value allows! Being an owner of this card, one should know the rules of its activation and some details to benefit from this option to the utmost. More details about this card and its usage you can find on our website giftcards-market.com. But now we’d like to say what should be done to protect your shopping with a security code. So, how to find 8 digit code on Starbucks card?

What is it about?

 It is easy to purchase a digital Starbucks card on www.starbucks.com/gift or at various online stores using your smartphone even. You can follow the provided guides on the sites and select the needed product. Also you are allowed to send it to a receiver that you are going to surprise with such a useful and stunning gift. The owner of a card can pay for any food and beverages in the café at any location where these cards are accepted including online venues. Do mind that not all parts of the network participate in the program.

After registration, you can enjoy all rewards available like the bonuses, collecting of stars which can be used to get a cup of coffee without additional payment. There are a lot of ideas to attract customers and make them return.

 Where’s the security code on a Starbucks gift card? 

 The Starbuck gift card security code should be used to avoid different scams when you use a card through the online resources. Every card has a 16-digit number without dashes and spaces and a security code (CSC) consisting of 8 digits which should be revealed with scratching of the particular area on the back of a plastic card or found below the card’s number in eGift card.

It is important to know this code to enter when it is required. You will be asked to mention the codes when you register the card and when you want to check the balance. It is important to check the balance to be sure that you can afford the next purchase. You can do it at a Starbucks local store or on their website. Also, you can check the balance on our resource finding the relevant option and type the secure code into it to get the balance displayed on the screen. Everything is very easy and quick. Thus, you will find the security code on Starbucks gift card the first time you take it in your hands.

 What should be done when there is no security code on a Starbucks gift card?

 If there is no security code on Starbucks gift card, you can still use the card, earn stars, and benefit from your bonuses, but there can be some difficulties with a balance check. To find out the amount you can spend using the card, you should go to the Starbucks website, find a balance page, and follow the instructions.

 Some issues to know

 You can solve almost any technical problems connected with Starbucks card number and code. Though, you should remember that

  •         The card expires and even if you get some money within it, you’ll lose them together with your achievements. Thus, you should keep this issue under control.
  •         You have 3 attempts to enter the security code, if it is entered incorrectly the third time, the card will be locked for 24 hours.
  •         No code allows you to redeem the amount into cash.

In the article we have tried to tell you how to find security code on Starbucks gift card. As far as an online gift card is a handy option for everybody who loves this legendary café. It simplifies the process of buying a cup of coffee and a cake providing the best value for money. The chance to buy whatever you want paying for it with a prepaid card attracts customers.

If you still feel confused about the issues connected with your Starbucks card security code, you are suggested to contact a local advisor and get a consultation.

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