The popular Vizio TV has stepped in to introduce a new feature on its medium, Jump Ads. The system will initially identify the content on the screen which the viewer is watching, Subsequently, then position target banner ads of interactive nature over live television programmes.

According to Adam Bergman, the Vice President of sales of Vizio Ads, these jump ads would be an addition to the company’s goals. It showcase itself as another provision in Vizio’s continuing mission to bring together the smart TV experience with certain features. These features are ones that benefit concerned advertisers, content providers, along with the viewers.

Jump Ads:

Television brands such as Samsung Electronics and LG have both modified and restructured their platform of smart Tv in order to display advertisements with great prominence. Along with the ads, strategically magnify content from partners such as the Android TV. However, owners of television of Roku, on the other hand, submitted complaints regarding these banner ads coming along live TV programmes. Clearly, Vizio is hardly estranged to ads of Smart TV. Hence, the company is now moving forward to further these ads referred to as “Jump Ads.”

Essentially, the feature would be based on the in-house technology of Vizio from its subsidiary company Inscape. These technology uses the feature of automatic content recognition (ACR) to detect what is playing on one’s screen at any particular moment of time. Hence, it has the ability to catch whatever content on the screen to target relevant ads. For example, if the feature identifies a particular programme on live television, it can subsequently feature ads in real time.

The first partner to take part in testing the system is the content provider Fox. It used the technology to place advertisements towards the concluding part of its new show of the comedy genre ‘Welcome to Flatch.’ Clearly, if one would tap on the shown ad, they would be redirected to the app of Fox Now. On the other hand, it is normally up to the ad provider to determine how and when these ads will appear on the programme, including the frequency of the occurrences. Consequently, the company went on to mention how they are planning with more content providers, along with brands for the integration of the system. They are focussing on showcasing on a “variety of integrations” through their medium.

The Jump Ads features of Vizio Tv is currently introduced in beta. This indicates that owners of Vizio TV can still express their concerns regarding the integrations.

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