Egift cards (virtual gift cards)

E gift cards are virtual gift cards for a certain amount, with which the person who received them can easily choose gifts in the online store. You can choose a gift card value according to your wishes and possibilities. And the person who received such a card, will enjoy the pleasure of independently choosing a suitable and enjoyable gift. 

Differences of electronic cards from ordinary gift cards

  • Electronic gift card has no material carrier (plastic). This is its main advantage and convenience – the card is delivered to the recipient in any city instantly, you do not have to wait and pay for courier delivery of physical goods. So you can buy e gift cards even for a friend who lives in another city or in another country.
  • You can send an electronic gift card to any city by simply sending it by e-mail or SMS.
  • The unique e-gift card number is automatically generated when it is sent to the recipient – it is safe.

The main advantages of electronic gift cards

  • simple and fast order;
  • payment without commissions and markups;
  • instant shipment of a gift to the recipient;
  • automatic generation of card number;
  • easy and convenient use in the online store.

Electronic gift cards are a quick and convenient way to give gifts that will be the best option!

If you find it difficult to choose the right gift, an electronic gift card is the ideal solution. Give your loved one the joy of independently choosing a gift for yourself! In our store you can choose and buy e gift cards online instantly. Gift card will be immediately sent to the recipient. Many cards have no expiration date limit. Unused funds remain on the card balance, you can use them at any time. In our store you can find the best e gift cards. So if you want to present something really useful, you can choose one of the e gift cards on our website.