Billionaire investor Mike Novogratz took to Twitter this week expressing his opinion of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. This takes place as billionaire CEO acquires Twitter Inc for $44 billion, at $54.20 per share.

Michael Edward Novogratz is a billionaire investor of American nationality. The 57 year old investor is presently the CEO of Galaxy Investment Partners which emphasises on the investment in the sector of cryptocurrencies. Formerly, he was the principal and board member of the investment firm Fortress Investment Group. As of the last couple of years, his net worth is $5.67 billion.

Novogratz made a post on the social media platform on Wednesday addressing the public’s concern over Musk acquiring Twitter. In the tweet, Novogratz said how the ‘hysteria’ surrounding the Tesla CEO purchasing Twitter Inc was ‘unsettling’ to him. He stated how though his ways may not be for everyone,’ Musk usually carries out what he states ‘he is going to do.’ Subsequently, Novogratz went on to request the users to give Musk a chance to get rid of the bots. This is because ‘for that alone,’ everyone would be grateful to him. Moreover, he said, it would also prove to be a ‘boon for @DefeatByTweet.’

The tweet from Mike Novogratz on April 27, 2022:

Elon Musk has been in the limelight since last month after purchasing 9.2% of Twitter’s stake. He gained more attention as he offered to buy the social media company for $43 billion earlier in April. For long, he had been an active user of the platform and was often seen to call out the platform’s take on freedom of speech. In fact, the platform even took a step against Musk for violating some of its terms and regulations. Moreover, it adopted a poison pill to oppose Musk’s ‘hostile takeover.’ Consequently, as the billionaire CEO, took over the social media company for $44 billion, the world witnessed a host of reactions on social media regarding what changes Musk would bring to the platform.

Clearly, Musk had always been an active advocate for cryptocurrency on social media, amongst a lot of other things. In fact, many pointed how he was specifically inclined towards one medium of cryptocurrency- Dogecoin. Hence, it is clear that Novogratz wants the world to give Musk a chance owing to his support for cryptocurrencies.

However, Novogratz had previously been seen to call out Musk on his rather controversial outbursts regarding cryptocurrency, or otherwise on Twitter. At the time, Novogratz stated how his crypto themed opinions on the platform were not helpful to other investors.

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