How to use Steam gift card?

A gift card is a type of a prepaid card loaded with funds for usage by its owner in the future. This amount of money can be different and in most cases it cannot be reloaded, meaning that if a user spends the sum down, the card gets invalid. If you want to know how to use steam gift card in detail, continue reading this article!

Gift card in general

Though, a gift card looks like any other prepaid card, there are differences. For instance, its expiration date is usually shorter compared to prepaid analogues. But, in general, a basic idea is the same.


The gift card is available in various formats which can be chosen in accordance with various purposes and preferences. There are closed loop cards issued by a particular merchant and accepted by him only. Such cards are usually intended to buy things in some particular stores or retail group or its affiliated companies.

Steam gift card

Offering of Steam

Steam, an online store, provides gift cards which can be used to purchase entertainment and software available within this resource in a rich diversity. Selection of titles is almost unlimited suited to every fancy. Gift cards as well as wallet codes allow transferring money to your Steam wallet. But of course, you can use them directly as a gift certificate, buying a game as a present for anybody. How to use a steam gift card? 


You should redeem it on Steam, but to start with you should have a gift card. You can get it, if you log into Steam. Now, you are expected to go to Digital Gift Cards and choose a denomination among the available ones. Then, you should choose a Steam Friend, and complete your purchase. The transaction will be performed automatically. It is easy to add the money directly to a Steam wallet of your friend through Steam website. Just find and select a Steam Friend in a corresponding list and follow the displayed instructions. 


Also, you can find Physical Steam Gift Cards at retail stores. There are lots of them throughout the world. Choose the area you are interested in and do it. In order to activate your card, a user should know a special code. When you enter it, you make the amount of the card to be sent to your Steam Wallet. Now you can buy any games you like. If you want to view your balance, just find it in the upper right hand corner of your account page, just next to your profile name. In most cases, an amount sent to your account is displayed in a couple of minutes after a transaction is completed, but that’s fine if it takes up to 2 hours. Should the terms expire without the funds displayed, look through your email in search of a transaction confirmation, restart the page and if there is still no evidence of your completed transaction, contact a support of Steam. By the way, you are not allowed withdrawing and transferring the amount you have on your wallet to another Steam account or bank account. 


If you do not want to use your gift card, you can sell it and get cash. Use Gameflip to do it. 

Step-by-step tutorial

If still there is misunderstanding, let’s get the above recommendations straightened out and clarify, if you have a steam gift card, how to use it? First, go to Steam’s website and continue as follows:


Terms which should be met

In order to benefit from gift cards, a user must be logged in to Steam and have an account there. If he wants to present this card, he can do it only if a receiver is on his friends list during at least 3 days. The digital gift cards should be bought with money you have on your credit or debit bank card. You cannot use existing wallet funds for this purpose. Please, mind that Steam user account has its specific currency, thus, you should activate a card in the same currency. If a friend you want to present a digital gift card lives in the other country, the transferred sum will be converted into the currency of that country automatically after the purchase is completed. 


If you want to please your friend and you are not sure what exactly will suit him, that’s a great idea to use this card because everyone enjoys keeping options open. The funds can be added to the whole sum if you want to contribute to an expensive friend’s purchase.


We hope that the above information is enough to answer the question of how to use steam gift card code. Do not hesitate to contact a support if you are still confused.

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