How to use eBay gift card?

This is a moment of truth – you are going to know how to use eBay gift card!

If you are reading this, definitely you are going to get some useful things bought on eBay and benefit from its auctions, sales, and safest offerings. Great! You can apply an eBay gift сard to deny yourself nothing. Pay easily! Does it sound good?

Got it!

Cards are provided in online and offline stores and allow paying for the goods or faction of your order on the eBay site. There is an online tool allowing to verify a remaining balance and perform other operations with a card.

The digital payment card of this type is sold at the eBay web-site. There is a simple instruction to do it without effort. As a result, after registration, you’ll get a redemption code which will be sent by email mentioned on eBay during up to three hours. If something is wrong with an email you are expecting, you are recommended to check the folders intended for spam. If still there are no signs of your card, you should contact the sender and ask him to resend it.

The cards are also available at retail stores. Look for them and carry out the instructions. Now you can search for interesting offers on eBay. Here you can buy clothing, boots, and other rare items.  Moreover, you can make a present of an eBay gift card bringing joy to your friends.


Now, you’d better know what you are expected to do to use eBay gift card on eBay.

eBay gift card

User schema

To activate a new eBay gift card, you are asked to type the redemption code consisting of 13 figures into a special window. As we have mentioned, this code is sent via email. In case with a physical card, you can find it on its reverse side when scratching off a special coating. After the code is entered, you are suggested to wait during four hours – the time needed to activate a card.

Follow the steps to jump at the opportunities:

Peculiarities of usage

It is allowed to use eBay gift card without credit card, but you should remember that if you have never opened a PayPal account or if there is an account but it is not linked to eBay, you will be asked to do it. This is required regardless of the sum you get within your eBay gift card. After registration, you can pay. If there is a remaining sum after payment, you will see it on your eBay account. You can get access to this information applying online Gift Card Balance Checker. If it happens that your physical card has been lost or damaged, you can replace it if you show evidence of its purchase. Should there be other questions or issues related to the above issues, you should contact the eBay authorities to solve them. You can return the goods paid for with the use of an eBay gift card and get a refund.


By the way, if you ask how to use a eBay gift card without an PayPal account, we are ready to answer. It is allowed to pay with your credit card, a coupon.

Reasons for rejection

You can experience failure in payment with this card for the reasons as follows:


We can confirm that an eBay gift card code is very well protected but in order to provide even more safety preventing from any scammers, you are recommended:

If any troubles with a card, you should inform eBay Customer Service of the case or you can contact the place where you have bought a card to solve problems and get a proper consultation. You should prove the purchase showing your name, email address or other evidence.


We hope that in the article we have explained to users of ebay gift card how to use it under various circumstances.

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