Starbucks is a legendary venue offering tasty coffee and a diverse menu for a healthy and delicious bite. You can enjoy its menu online by placing an order on their website with the delivery to the doorstep. Also you can make a last-minute present in the form of their eGifts with a different value. You should not think of the preferences of your friends, family members, or colleagues, because everybody will be glad to enjoy the Starbucks menu. There are plenty of options which can be used to make this present personalized. Just customize a card in accordance with the event and give it to a receiver. By the way, do you know that you can easily send Starbucks gift card via text? That’s a cool idea that allows you to save your time and effort!

In the article we’re going to describe briefly how to text a Starbucks gift card. More details about this option you can find on our website

 Why should you choose this present?

You can treat anyone, who you love and appreciate, with Starbucks eGifts cards. This is an easy way to have some food and drinks without an additional payment. The receiver should just activate a card and use it enjoying products he can afford within its value. This present may be even more pleasant if you customize a card with any design related to a particular occasion like Valentine’s Day holiday. And be sure that you will be able to afford such a brilliant present even if you are not going to spend too much. There are cards marketed with the value equal to $5.

You can send a card physically if it is preferred. There are other ways to deliver a present to a recipient. You can send a card directly to your friends from You can personalize it with a message and invite your friend to join you and have a cup of coffee at the nearest Starbucks location. And there is no need for shipping! Starbucks guarantees a well-timed delivery.

 How can you deliver the text Sstarbucks gift card contains?       

 The Starbucks e gift card text can be delivered online. You can send it straight to the mobile phone number of your friend. There is no need for email or mail. Everything is so simple! Just send a text message and be sure that the gift is delivered immediately.

Mind that one should know a PIN code and digit number to redeem a card. This information is mentioned on the back of the plastic card or it is sent to your email when you buy a digital card. It is vital to know this number if you want to please your friend with this gift.

What devices can be used to send?

 If you are still not sure of a gift for your family members and friends, you can use a gift card and choose Starbucks. You can send it right from the comfort of your home using your smartphones or other gadgets like an iPhone or iPad.

  •         Probably, you have Android, then you also can send Starbucks gift card via text Android. You should go to the Starbucks app and tap to add a gift card finding the Cards section at the bottom of the monitor. There you will find “Add card” and should follow the instructions. Sending a gift card to a friend using an Android phone, you should know that he will not view this card in a text message. There will be a link to the website where he will get his e-gift card.
  •         Or you can send Starbucks gift card to iPhone by entering a text message in the special online form. In this case, a receiver will see a card.

 What difficulties may occur?

  •         If the recipient owns a smartphone with non-iOS 10 or higher, he will not get a card in the message but receive the link to it.
  •         There is no option allowing you to add money to a delivered card.
  •         If there is no Starbucks account in the Starbucks mobile app., it is impossible to use this application for delivery of the gift.

 As you see, Starbucks is about convenience. Choosing this venue, you experience the best offering that is why it is a good idea to send an e-gift card to your friend. If the above explanation is not clear enough, you are suggested to contact our consultants and ask: Can I send Starbucks gift card via text?

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