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You can offer your relatives and friends to get great gifts easily avoiding the holiday crowds! Just figure out where to buy Groupon gift card and save money. Such a present will allow them to get whatever they like, whenever they need! 

On our website ( you will find out how to redeem Groupon gift card and get the most out of this option. We are waiting for you on the site.


Is it a dream?


Groupon is an online marketplace. Since 2008 its bills have been used as an online discount product. The platform provides the services allowing you to save your money, claiming a deal and using it during an activation period. The deals are diverse and the price can be up to 90 % lower than an initial end-user price. Such huge discounts are possible because Groupon provides the merchants with a nice opportunity to promote the brand, product, and service. It earns getting a commission on every coupon sold through this efficient promotional channel (its website).

You can find the deals on if you use a desktop and via the Groupon application if you use a smartphone. Everybody can easily join this community and there are no particular strict claims on how to apply a Groupon gift card. You should visit the correspondent website, sign up mentioning your contacts (email address usually) and entering a password. The amount of a gift card can be selected from $25 to $200, or you can enter the sum you prefer. This voucher is a perfect way to bring joy to people close to your heart whatever reason for a Groupon gift certificate.

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What can be bought?


There are a lot of ways how to use a Groupon gift card. Actually, there are coupons for almost any goods, activities, and services including clothes, games, sports, events, spa treatment, meals in restaurants, devices, and so on. The deals are provided by well-known brands and small merchants. You can consider the local businesses and global offers during a year and choose a deal you like. It is easy to get a card just clicking the “Buy as a Gift” button. As a result, you will confirm a deal and purchase a virtual product or service as a gift.


Peculiarities of usage


There are some restrictions as to use of a card. For instance, you are not allowed to use a Gift Card to buy another Gift Card. Also, it is impossible to reload or resold it. You cannot get cash for it. It is not allowed to return a received card. 

How to check Groupon gift card balance online? You can view your balance after you log into your account. If there are any questions including the issues connected with cancelation of a Gift Card purchase order (under condition that the order has not been delivered and shipped yet), you are suggested to contact Customer support. In case a card is stolen, also, you should contact Customer Support where you should prove a purchase and get replacement.


Useful options 


  • The registered user can set alerts which will be sent to his email when the expected discounts are available.
  • It is possible to print out coupons.
  • There is a convenient searching system narrowing an assortment of products you may like.
  • There are “getaway” deals with very beneficial travel products booked through this marketplace.
  • The user can take advantages from an interactive site map with marked deals.
  • The consumer can create a wish list, without restrictions and obligations to buy.
  • There are cash rewards back at selected venues.
  • There is a Groupon Gift Shop.
  • Any deal promoted within Groupon can be returned during 30 days.
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How to redeem groupon gift card?


You can redeem a card only at if you have an open account here. Follow the instructions:

  • Go to Giftcards. 
  • Find the Redeem a Code section and sign in (here you can create an account, if you have none). 
  • You’ll see the Redeem a Code box, enter your code into it and click Redeem.

Now, you can benefit from your present. It is better to use the whole amount you have on your card to get Groupons. If still there is a remaining balance, it will be redeemed for your account credits administered in accordance with an agreement. 


Reasons for Failed Delivery of eGift Cards


The card can be delivered by email (a digital format) or mail (a physical format). If you prefer to get a eGift Card, you should mention a recipient’s email address and arrange settings to get a confirmation email when a recipient gets your gift card. But sometimes the card is not found in the receiver’s box timely. The delivery may fail because the email is packed to capacity, blocked by a browser, or a spam filter has routed the incoming letter to a spam folder. Ensure that you mentioned a valid email address. If all the possible reasons turn out to be a failure, you should contact Customer Support.


Groupon offers users significant discounts for the widest range of goods and services. Now, when you know how to use gift card on Groupon, you can take care of your friends and family members and present a beneficial offering. Please, leave your comments if you have already tried this option.

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