Assuming that have arrived, you’ve presumably been given an iTunes gift voucher and presently it’s an ideal
opportunity to reclaim it. It’s likewise conceivable that you’ve as of now recovered your iTunes gift voucher and
essentially need to check the excess Apple gift voucher equilibrium or add more cash to your iTunes balance. You’re
perfectly located; we will cover all that you want to be familiar with your Apple gift voucher.

How to redeem your Apple Gift Card or App Store & iTunes gift card - Apple  Support (IN)

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How to Use iTunes Gift Cards Most Effectively

There are a few essential things you want to be familiar with Apple gift vouchers and iTunes gift vouchers. When you
get this, it’ll be not difficult to reclaim your iTunes gift voucher, check your iTunes gift voucher equilibrium, and add cash
to your Apple ID. We’ll likewise clarify the contrast between an iTunes gift voucher, an Apple Store gift voucher, and an
Apple Music gift voucher. We should go over the most important points:
• You can utilize your iTunes gift voucher to search for advanced items, for example, applications, melodies, and digital
books at any of Apple’s portable stores.
• To use your iTunes gift voucher at the stores listed above, you must be logged in with the same Apple ID that you
used to get your iTunes gift voucher.
• Nonetheless, if you choose not to utilize an Apple Music gift voucher toward participation, it tends to be applied to your
Apple ID account and utilized as an iTunes gift voucher, as well as the other way around an iTunes gift voucher, can be
utilized to pay for Apple Music.

Presently, we should stroll through how to recover an iTunes gift voucher.
Instructions to Load iTunes Card on iPhone
While you used to have the option to add an Apple gift voucher to your Wallet with an iTunes pass, this choice is
presently not accessible. Notwithstanding, you can, in any case, reclaim your iTunes gift voucher in the App Store or the
iTunes Store on your iPhone. You can likewise add your iTunes gift voucher in the Mac App Store on your Macbook.
Despite where you reclaim your iTunes gift voucher, you’ll have the option to involve the equilibrium in any of the
recorded stores since a similar Apple ID is related to every one of them.

How to Use an iPhone to Redeem an iTunes Gift Card

To reclaim an iTunes card:
1. Open the App Store application.
2. Scroll down to the lower part of the page.
3. Select Redeem.
4. Tap Use Camera to examine your iTunes gift voucher code with your iPhone’s camera.
5. You can likewise tap Enter Code Manually to type in the iTunes reclamation code on the rear of the gift voucher.

The iTunes card equilibrium will then, at that point, be added to your Apple ID account. Whenever you are prepared to
make a buy, the sum due will naturally be deducted from your iTunes balance. Any excess sum due will be charged to
the Visa you have related to your Apple ID.

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