Chase offers one of the most comprehensive credit card portfolios out there, with many of its cards ranking among the best cards for each spending category. But with so many lucrative products on offer, Chase customers regularly run into the issue of juggling multiple account logins—particularly when holding both business and consumer cards.

To simplify things, Chase recently added a feature to its online account center. Customers can now easily combine multiple logins into one—including personal and business accounts. Now you only need to remember one password!

Combining Two Accounts

Before this feature was added, combining online account logins was possible but required a phone call. Now you can do this method online in a matter of minutes.

To combine two Chase logins, start by logging into the account you want to keep—preferably on a desktop. Note that if you’re joining a business login and a personal login, you’ll have to keep the business log in and add the personal account. You can’t add a business login to a personal login. Whether you’re logged into your personal or business account when submitting the request, you’ll follow the same process.

Once logged into your account, click the person icon at the top right corner of your Chase dashboard and select “Profile & Settings”:


Click the “Account settings” link on the lefthand navigation bar. If you aren’t logged into a profile that’s already been linked with another, you should see an option to “Manage linked accounts”:


Next click “Show my accounts”:


Next, Chase will show all of the profiles and accounts that are eligible to be combined into one login. Just click “Link Relationship” next to any accounts you want to merge into this login. You’ll have to confirm that you want to do so before your request is submitted.


If successful, Chase will display a confirmation screen showing “your account has been successfully linked.”

Combined Account Usability

Once you’ve successfully combined your Chase accounts, you can view all of your personal and business accounts in one place.

A combined business/consumer login on a desktop looks like this:

You can customize which accounts to view with the header menu.

On the Chase Mobile App (Apple/Android), you simply toggle back and forth between your business and consumer accounts with the switch at the top:


Final Thoughts

This is a welcome change for Chase customers. The previous method of combining logins could be confusing and convoluted, meaning many people didn’t bother going through the trouble. This new method makes it much easier, hopefully translating into a more streamlined banking experience.

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