Walmart gift card

Are you ready to take advantage of a Walmart gift card whether it is plastic or e-card? In this case, you should know everything about it including how to check the balance on a Walmart gift card. We are going to develop a theme in as much detail as possible.

Heart of the matter

First, let’s consider the cards themselves rather than to figure out how to check your balance on a Walmart gift card. It is a perfect present for anyone who can be regarded as a customer of this retailer. There are so many perks within this largest American grocery retailer that you will gain a lot using this opportunity. Enjoy reasonable prices, free shipping under particular terms as well as free in-store pick up.

You can pay for any goods in the stores of this brand both with a digital and plastic card. You can go online shopping at stores in the Walmart family. Also, the members of SAM’s Club can benefit from these cards. It is vital that all the stores are located in the U.S. You are suggested to choose between $250, $100, $50, $25, $10, $5 denominations. Numerous deals make these gift cards an essential help for bulk purchases. Taking into account running loyalty program rewards, you can benefit a lot.

The plastic card is checked with a cashier scan. The electronic analogue requires providing the eGift card email using your mobile device when you pay for goods. The new card should be registered. After that, you will be able to track your payments and inform the issuer if you lose or damage their product.


Forget about using a Walmart gift card at other resources like Amazon. Also, you are not able to transfer funds you have on your card to another account or card. Though, there are options allowing you to use some websites to sell your gift cards but it will cause economic loss. We recommend using it as intended.

Walmart gift card

The ways to get a card and peculiarities of usage

The cards are delivered at offline Walmart stores or on its website ( You are expected to buy them, but also you can earn free cards of this type. Before you use a card, it can be registered at so that you could shop online and get needed support if you lose a card, for instance. To do this, you should enter three digits of your security code. By the way, we recommend putting down a number of your card and customer service number to have them at hand when there is a need in them.

In order to activate a card, you should do your shopping.  And you can do it in the 50 states of the U.S. where there are over 5 200 storefronts. Once again, you cannot use it internationally. In addition, some merchants may insist on a plastic card refusing to accept an online version. Anyway, if a card has expired, you replace it sending a request to the issuer through their website ( or by phone (1-866-633-9096).

If you buy the goods costing more than you have on your card, you may pay the rest of the amount applying any other payment method like a cash or credit card issued by any bank.  But you should ensure that this particular merchant agrees with such an approach.

How to check balance?

In order to avoid troubles connected with the appliance of several methods of payment at a time, you should track your balance. When you are ready to buy, you are recommended to check Walmart gift card balance online at any Walmart register. Here you can do it within 24 hours. Also, you can call at 1-866-633-9096 where the Automated Phone System will inform you of your balance.


Even if you have a large amount on your card, but you don’t really need it, you can transfer the money to PayPal account using CardCash. Further, you can choose using the balance to buy the goods online or transfer again to a bank account to get cash.

Walmart gift card balance


In addition to how to check a Walmart gift card balance, we’d like to mention some troubles with these cards.

  1. You’d better not forget a PIN for your plastic card. Though, you will be able to use it to do shopping at a store but will not accept payments without PIN for a purely security reason.

  2. If the system refuses to accept a PIN which is entirely accurate, it means that your gift card code has been locked due to a bad IP used for access.

  3. If you fail to register a card, the reason may be that an issuer turns aside. There are banks which restrict registration for residents of some states.

  4. The card can be declined if an amount of funds available on this card is not enough to pay for the goods with tips, transaction fees.


To sum up the article about how to check Walmart gift card balance, your gift card can be used to do shopping at Walmart only. If you want to close a card, you should have a balance equal to $0. When it is empty, it cannot be used for purchases any further. The cash withdrawals and reloads are not allowed. In case of any errors or other issues about the cards you are welcome to Walmart Gift Card Customer Care.

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