visa gift card

The Visa gift card is a perfect present for almost any holiday and event. People of any age will be glad to get it on their hands. There are almost no restrictions as to an amount of money available within a card and places where it can be spent. Considering the widest coverage and buying power of a Visa card allowing cardholders to purchase any goods globally, this is a thoughtful choice. In the article we are going to consider how to activate a Visa gift card.

True value

Gift cards are not only with particular stores, they are issued by charge or credit card issuers too which includes American Express, MasterCard, and Visa, of course. We know them as open-loop cards. Also, this type of card can be regarded as prepaid ones. They are issued and deposited. The set sum depends on the terms. There are plastic and online versions which can be used to pay for the purchased goods in person or online. The peculiarity of a gift card is that it is valid until there is money on it. In most cases, you cannot reload a card. Though, nowadays you can find this option already. For instance, the so-called Visa eGift Card or Vanilla Gift Virtual Account is an example of a reloadable product. In this article we’ll learn how to activate a visa vanilla gift card too.


Visa gift card is accepted at any place if a debit or credit card of the same issuer can be used there. You are recommended to ensure that you have funds on your card required to pay for the current purchases. If the sum at your disposal doesn’t cover the entire transaction, inform a merchant of your balance.

visa gift card

Operation process

Indeed, there are common requirements to a card activation, but the details should be verified with a provider of a card. The slight differences do happen. Still, in most cases, making a purchase you activate a card automatically. But, also, there are Visa gift cards demanding an advance activation. It can be done easily. Just find a phone number specified on a card and make a call. The automated recommendations will tell you what should be done next. Comply with the instruction and get the result! Mind that you should know an account of your card and verification numbers as far as you will be asked to enter them. As to the PIN, in some cases you should provide it, but there are cards coming with PIN which will be shown when you activate a card.

Also, you can perform an activation online. Visit the website and enter a card’s number. You will find the needed link printed on a sticker on the front or on the back of a card. If a sticker is not provided, then, the website of an issuing merchant must be mentioned where you can find the vital link.

How long does it take for a visa gift card to activate? Usually it happens after all recommendations are complied with. Once activated, the card is ready to use. Though, first, we recommend registering it. This is not a strict requirement. Mostly, you can use your card without registration but it allows using an account in order to manage your purchases. Of course, you can contact VISA directly and talk to its employee who will help you to cope with the procedure if you feel confused. You’ll find a customer service number on the back of a card. Be ready to tell your full name, date of birth and even address. The requests are quite legal and safe. It is important to deliver your true personal data because when you buy something using a card after registration, the data, you have entered, will be compared with information provided at the moment of registration. Mismatching will lead to an unsuccessful transaction.


Now, how much does it cost to activate a visa gift card? Usually it goes for nothing but sometimes there is an activation fee which must be paid only once. Anyway, do not forget to affix your signature on a card before you start using it. It is clear that spending on such a card is restricted by its balance which is reduced when you pay for the goods with use of this card.

visa gift card

Why do they use a gift card?

These cards are for people preferring flexibility. Choose them as a present if you want a person to feel free spending your funds. Visa gift card is a versatile payment tool accepted in plenty of places, while the similar cards issued by stores can be used only within their retail chain and online stores.

There are its numerous benefits. Of course, the first thought that crosses my mind is a gifting purpose. In addition, it is applied by businesses for a range of purposes:

  1. to arrange reward cards and rebates;

  2. to provide a promotional support with cost-effective advertising in the form of a company’s messaging on a plastic card;

  3. to rush sales during particular periods;

  4. to engage a customer to become an ambassador of a brand.


These cards can be compared with gift certificates but with a modern twist. They are safe and convenient being available online, in an application, or in an offline store. We hope that we have managed to explain in detail how to activate a gift card visa.

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