• Gift Card Granny is giving a 2% discount when buying certain Visa & Mastercard gift cards. That makes the deal marginally profitable, but it could be even more profitable if shopping portals track and pay out on this kind of purchase.

    The Deal

    • Save 2% when buying “Build-A-Card” Visa & Mastercard gift cards from Gift Card Granny when using promo code SUMMER2022.
    • Direct link to offer.

    Key Terms

    • Expires August 31, 2022.
    • Only valid for gift card purchases.
    • Reward cards and bulk purchases not applicable.
    • Limit 1 card per order.

    Quick Thoughts

    This is a great way of racking up some slightly profitable spend. If you buy physical gift cards, the total cost comes to $499.94. The 2% discount reduces the cost of the card itself to $490, but there’s a $1.99 shipping fee, $6.95 processing fee and $1 personalization fee for adding a photo.

    Buying these as eGift cards works out to be an even better deal if you have a way to liquidate them because the net cost is $496.95. That’s because there’s no $1.99 shipping fee, nor a $1 personalization fee. Note that Gift Card Granny is only giving the 2% discount on one gift card per order, but you can hopefully place more than one order.

    It might be possible to make this deal even more profitable by clicking through from a shopping portal. There are a handful of portals giving 1% cashback, so provided your purchase tracks and pays out, that’s another ~$5 cashback. You can find the current portal rates here.

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