Now through August 31, 2022, United is offering a 100% transfer bonus when converting Choice Privileges hotel points to United Mileage Plus miles.

This is the latest in a string of hotel points to United transfer bonuses. Even with these bonuses, it’s generally not a great deal to transfer hotel points to miles — with Marriott being a rare exception. However, whether or not it’s worth taking advantage of all depends on how you value your points and miles.

Which Hotel Points You Can Transfer to United Miles

There are 8 hotel loyalty programs you can transfer rewards points from to United MileagePlus miles:

  • Accor Live Limitless (2:1 ratio)
  • Choice Privileges (5:1 ratio)
  • Hilton Honors (10:1 ratio)
  • World of Hyatt (2.5:1 ratio, plus 5,000 bonus miles when you transfer 50,000 points)
  • Marriott Bonvoy (3:1.1 ratio, plus 5,500 bonus miles when you transfer 60,000 points)
  • Radisson Rewards (10:1 ratio)
  • IHG Rewards (5:1 ratio)
  • Wyndham Rewards (5:1 ratio)

Here’s how AwardWallet values points and miles based on recent AwardWallet user redemptions:

  • United MileagePlus miles: 2.65 cents
  • Accor Live Limitless points: 2.04 cents — based on a flat redemption of €40 per 2,000 points
  • World of Hyatt points: 2.22 cents
  • Marriott Bonvoy points: 1 cent
  • IHG Rewards: 0.73 cents
  • Hilton Honors points: 0.61 cents
  • Choice Privileges points: 0.6 cents
  • Radisson Rewards points: 0.43 cents

By combining the transfer rates and values, generally it’s not a good idea to transfer hotel points to United miles — even at a redemption rate of 2.65 cents per mile. Here’s a list from best to worst:

  • 10,000 Marriott points ($100) nets 3,667 miles ($97), and a better rate when transferring over 60,000
  • 10,000 Choice points ($60) nets 2,000 miles ($53)
  • 10,000 IHG points ($73) nets 2,000 miles ($53)
  • 10,000 Radisson points ($43) nets 1,000 miles ($27)
  • 10,000 Accor points ($204) nets 5,000 miles ($133)
  • 10,000 Hilton points ($61) nets 1,000 miles ($27)
  • 10,000 Hyatt points ($222) nets 4,000 miles ($106)

In September 2021, MileagePlus members could transfer 6 different types of hotel points to United with a 30% bonus. In October 2021, United offered a 50% bonus when transferring from Radisson Rewards hotels to United miles. And in April 2021, you could transfer Wyndham points to United with a 100% bonus.

Choice to United 100% Transfer Bonus Promotion

United transfer bonus from Choice

This promotion is back from the same time last year. Through August 31, 2022, Choice Privileges members will receive a 100% bonus when transferring points to United MileagePlus miles. That means you got a 2.5 to 1 transfer ratio, instead of 5 to 1. In other words, you will receive 2,000 United miles (instead of 1,000) for every 5,000 Choice Privilege points you transfer.

Depending on how you value United points, this might be a good deal. Based on recent redemptions, you’ll get $470 worth of United miles for every $300 worth of Choice points you transfer. That’s based on United miles valued at 2.65 cents each, and Choice points valued at 0.6 cents each. But, if you value United miles below 1.5 cents each, transferring Choice points to United miles doesn’t make as much sense — even after this transfer bonus.

[Expired] 50% Transfer Bonus From Radisson to United Promotion

Radisson Rewards Americas United transfer bonus

Through October 31, 2021, Radisson Rewards Americas members could transfer points to United with a 50% bonus. That netted a 20 to 3 transfer ratio, instead of 10 to 1. Those ratios are a bit hard to understand, so let’s run some examples.

Say you have 10,000 Radisson Rewards points. You can transfer those points to United to get 1,500 MileagePlus miles during this transfer bonus. If you value Radisson Rewards points at 0.4 cents per point, you’re giving up approximately $40 in value to get 1,500 United miles. That means you’ll want to get at least 2.7 cents per United mile from a redemption for this transfer to make sense.

So, for most travelers, transferring Radisson points to United miles still doesn’t make sense — even with a 50% bonus.

[Expired] 30% Transfer Bonus From Hotel Points to United Promotion

In September 2021, United offered a 30% bonus when transferring hotel points to United miles. Note that you needed to register for the promotion first before transferring points. There’s a limit of 25,000 bonus points you can earn.

United hotel transfer bonus banner

Combining the transfer ratios to points values, plus the 30% bonus, transfers yielded (with values using AwardWallet redemption rates for reference):

  • 10,000 Accor points ($204) yields 6,500 miles ($172)
  • 10,000 Choice points ($60) yields 2,600 miles ($69)
  • 10,000 Hilton points ($61) yields 1,300 miles ($34)
  • 10,000 Hyatt points ($222) yields 5,200 miles ($138)
  • 10,000 Marriott points ($100) yields 4,767 miles ($126)
  • 10,000 Radisson points ($43) yields 1,300 miles ($34)

With the 30% bonus, Choice and Marriott transfers to United miles become reasonable. Accor, Hilton, and Hyatt are still bad deals — even with the bonus.

The best deal is for transfers to Marriott. For every 60,000 Marriott Bonvoy points you transfer, you’ll get:

  • 22,000 base United miles (at the 3:1.1 ratio)
  • plus 5,500 from Marriott’s bonus of 5,000 miles per 60,000 points (including the 10% bonus on transfers to United)
  • plus 8,250 bonus miles with this promotion

That’s a total of 35,750 United miles for 60,000 Marriott points — better than a 2:1 ratio. If you value Marriott points at 1 cent each, you’ll need to get just 1.68 cents of value per United mile from a redemption for this transfer to make sense.

Our Take

Due to poor standard transfer rates, we generally don’t recommend transferring hotel points to airline miles. Transfer bonuses can help sweeten the transfer rate, but it’s still generally best to redeem hotel points for hotel stays rather than transferring to airlines. The only times it can make sense is if you really needed to top off your United miles or you don’t have a use for the hotel points.

What do you think? Is it worth it to transfer your Choice points to United miles with a 100% bonus?

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