Grubhub has launched a new gift card promotion today and it’s even more generous than when they’ve run similar promotions in the past. This will therefore be a very popular deal that will likely sell out quickly.

Grubhub $50 gift card $15 bonus card promotion

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Expires May 8, 2022 or while supplies last.
  • Limit 2 bonus cards per user.
  • Bonus cards expire July 7, 2022.

Quick Thoughts

This type of bonus card deal from Grubhub is always popular. In the past, the deal has usually given a $10 bonus card when buying a $50 gift card and those have always sold out quickly, so with a $15 bonus card on offer this time, the promotion might end far sooner than May 8.

In case you’re not familiar with this type of gift card deal, the bonus cards are only valid until July 7, 2022, so it’s only worth taking advantage of this promotion if you know that you’ll definitely redeem them by then.

Unfortunately I’m not aware of a way to stack with bonus cards with the $10 monthly Amex Gold dining benefit which can be used with Grubhub. I’ve had a $50 Grubhub gift card sitting on my account for the longest time and the only time I order from there is to use that $10 Amex credit. I’ve never worked out a way to split the payment between $10 on my Amex Gold card and the balance on the gift card as that would be an ideal way to redeem the gift cards and bonus cards from this deal.

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