Tgi Friday’s Gift Card

Tgi Friday’s Gift Card

A TGI Friday's gift card offers a great way to enjoy a variety of American-style dishes and drinks at any of their locations. TGI Friday’s, known for its casual dining atmosphere, serves a wide range of items including burgers, ribs, salads, and an assortment of alcoholic beverages. The gift cards can be used to pay for all or part of a meal, making them a convenient gift for food lovers or a handy option for your own dining needs.

Here are some key details about TGI Friday’s gift cards:

  • Availability: You can purchase TGI Friday’s gift cards online from their official website, as well as from major retailers like Walmart, Target, and Amazon. Physical and digital cards are both available.
  • Denominations: The cards come in various denominations, typically ranging from $10 to $100, allowing flexibility based on your budget.
  • Usability: These gift cards can be used at any TGI Friday's location in the United States. They are redeemable for food, drinks, and even gratuity.
  • Expiration and Fees: TGI Friday’s gift cards do not expire and do not have any maintenance or non-usage fees.
  • Balance Check: Balances can be checked online, over the phone, or in-person at any TGI Friday’s restaurant.

Remember, while TGI Friday’s gift cards are versatile, they cannot be refunded or redeemed for cash except in states where required by law.


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