Horchow Gift Card

Horchow Gift Card

The Horchow Collection, part of the Neiman Marcus group, offers a wide array of high-end home furnishings, lighting, linens, rugs, and decorative accessories. Known for its unique and luxurious products, Horchow provides options that cater to a diverse range of aesthetic tastes, from traditional to contemporary. A Horchow gift card can be an excellent choice for someone looking to redecorate their home, add a touch of luxury to their living space, or simply enjoy high-quality home products.

A Horchow gift card can be used to purchase any of the brand's vast selection of home goods, making it a versatile gift for weddings, housewarmings, birthdays, or other special occasions. The cards are available in various denominations, allowing for flexibility in gifting according to your budget.

Specific aspects of the Horchow gift card include:

  • Usage: Horchow gift cards can be used online at Horchow.com, in Neiman Marcus stores, at Neiman Marcus Last Call, and at Bergdorf Goodman.
  • Denominations: They are available in a range of amounts, typically starting from $50 to higher denominations.
  • Expiration: Horchow gift cards do not expire and do not have any hidden fees.
  • Delivery Options: You can choose to deliver the gift card via email for an e-gift card option or by mail for a physical card.
  • Customization: For physical gift cards, you may have the option to add a personal message or choose different card designs based on the occasion.
  • Balance Check: Recipients can check their gift card balance online or by calling customer service.
  • Non-refundable: Once purchased, Horchow gift cards cannot be returned or exchanged for cash unless required by law.

When purchasing a Horchow gift card, it's important to buy directly from authorized retailers or the official website to avoid scams or counterfeit cards.


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