Express Gift Card

Express Gift Card

The Express Gift Card is a versatile and convenient shopping tool for anyone who loves fashion and wants the flexibility to choose their own styles. Express, a renowned clothing brand, offers a wide range of apparel and accessories for men and women, catering to contemporary fashion trends and essentials. These gift cards make a perfect present for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion, allowing the recipient to shop from Express's vast collection of stylish outfits, workwear, casual wear, and accessories.

Express Gift Cards come with several features and benefits:

  • Flexibility: Can be used to shop in-store at Express locations across the United States or online at the Express website.
  • Denominations: Available in various amounts, catering to different budgets. You can purchase them for as little as $25 to $200 or more, making it easy to tailor your gift to your budget.
  • No Expiry: These gift cards do not expire, giving the recipient plenty of time to choose when they want to shop.
  • Ease of Use: They are straightforward to use, functioning just like a debit card at checkout, whether in-store or online.
  • Gift Options: You can choose between physical gift cards, which can be sent directly to the recipient, or e-gift cards, which can be emailed for instant gift giving.
  • Balance Check: Recipients can easily check their card balance online or in-store, ensuring they know how much they have to spend.

To make the most of an Express Gift Card, here are a few tips:

  1. Keep track of the balance: After each purchase, the remaining balance is typically printed on the receipt. You can also check it online or by calling customer service.
  2. Understand the terms: While Express Gift Cards do not expire, it's important to read any accompanying terms and conditions for potential fees or restrictions.
  3. Combine with deals: Use your gift card in conjunction with Express sales or promotions to maximize its value.
  4. Protect your card: Treat it like cash. If it's lost or stolen, report it immediately to Express customer service for assistance.

Whether you're gifting it to a fashion enthusiast or using it yourself, an Express Gift Card offers the freedom to choose from high-quality, trendy clothing and accessories, making it an ideal choice for a personal and thoughtful gift.


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