Amazon Prime members have a new benefit they can claim: a full year of free Grubhub+. That’s up to a $119.88 value, and all you have to do is activate your membership.

Free Year of Grubhub+ Promotion


For those not familiar, Grubhub is another food delivery service. It’s actually a subsidiary of Just Eat Takeaway — the Amsterdam-based food delivery service common across Europe. On July 6, Amazon partnered with Just Eat Takeaway.

As part of the promotion, Amazon offers a free year of GrubHub+ to Amazon Prime members. To claim this offer, simply log into your Amazon Prime account, find the promotion, and claim your free year of Grubhub+.

You will be billed $9.99 per month at the end of your free year. If you don’t want to pay that, put it on your calendar for next year to cancel your subscription, although you’ll probably get an email.

Existing Grubhub+ members can also take advantage of this promotion. Simply follow the steps to activate your free year of Grubhub+ through your Amazon Prime account, and your next 12 months will be free, starting with your next billing.

Please note that if you have an Amazon Prime account in the U.K. (as I do), you will get a free year of Deliveroo Plus instead of Grubhub+.

Terms and Conditions

  • It seems this promotion will expire in July 2023, but there’s no official end date.
  • If you cancel your Amazon Prime membership, you will lose your free year of Grubhub+.
  • You can only claim one free year of Grubhub+ per Amazon Prime account.

Our Take

In early 2019, Grubhub was the U.S.’s number one food delivery service. As of May this year, it had fallen to only 11% of food delivery sales. There are over 200 million Amazon Prime members — most of which are in the U.S. So, this could give Grubhub quite a boost. It also makes the Amazon Prime membership far more valuable, considering you’re getting a $9.99 membership for free for the next 12 months. A monthly subscription to just Amazon Prime is $14.99 a month.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you might as well activate this promotion in case it comes in handy over the next 12 months, especially if you’re a fan of Grubhub. If you’d like a Grubhub+ membership and aren’t an Amazon Prime member, perhaps consider signing up for Amazon Prime instead to claim your free year of Grubhub+.

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