Is Lowe’s the new Staples? We can only hope so. Last month, the home improvement store ran their recurring, and very popular, promotion where they awarded a $15 Lowe’s eGift card with the purchase of a $200 Visa Gift Card.

This month they have the exact same deal, but with Mastercard Gift Cards: Buy a $200 MC Gift Card, get a $15 Lowe’s eGift Card. If you can use the Lowe’s gift cards, this an excellent return as you can get Lowe’s credit for ~50% off (because you paid $6.95 to activate the $200 MC) while getting credit card spend. If you enroll in JetBlue card-linked offers and use the enrolled card, you’ll also earn Jetblue rewards on the entire purchase.

Even if you can’t use the $15 Lowe’s eGift card, with current rates, you can effectively earn a profit of ~$5-6 per card by reselling it.

Lowe's gift card

The Deal

  • Lowe’s is offering a free $15 Lowe’s Gift Card when you buy a $200 Mastercard Gift Card in-store (you must redeem the offer online after purchasing your MC Gift Card)
  • Direct link to redeem after purchase

Key Terms

  • Offer Valid 05/05/22-5/11/22.
  • Code must be claimed by 05/25/22.
  • Must have the MC gift card to get the bonus code.
  • Subject to availability.
  • No Rain Checks.
  • Limit 2 per email address.
  • See gift cards for details, terms, and conditions.
  • Product offer may not be available in all states.
  • Visit to claim your bonus and see full terms and conditions.

Quick Thoughts

This is a a great deal for anyone who values the Lowe’s Gift Card given that Lowe’s carries $200 MC Gift Cards (or variable-load $20-$200 cards) with a $6.95 activation fee…it’s a great discount on the $15 Lowe’s card.

Note that you need to submit for the eGift Cards online and a max of 2 can be redeemed per email address. You’ll want to be sure to link your card to JetBlue’s card-linked offers before heading out to the store.

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