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It is so important to give a person the freedom to choose a gift he prefers. It is easy to do with an Xbox Gift Card which allows an owner to buy movies, games, various applications, and TV shows. If the amount is large enough, the prescription is also available. The card is easy to use both in local stores and online. In the article, we’ll tell you more about usage of this card and the way an Xbox gift card balance can be checked.

About the issuer

Xbox is a brand for video titles which is owned by Microsoft now and was introduced on Nov. 15, 2001 in the U.S. when its first Xbox console appeared at the market. All gamers know a series of home video game consoles of this brand – from the relatively simple first generation to the advanced ninth generation. They are the most convenient and durable gaming equipment with plenty of useful options. Now they provide numerous online services like Xbox Live used by over millions persons in the world being a kind of virtual marketplace where everybody can buy and download a game and multimedia. Also, they develop software and controllers.

Sometimes Xbox is considered to be more popular among consumers compared to Sony or Nintendo that is why its gift cards are very popular. It is easy to buy an Xbox gift card online. Such a digital voucher is applied on the Xbox Live network. In order to activate it, an owner should know its number and PIN code.

About a gift card

Microsoft gift card for Xbox is a digital card with a code, which must be provided at the moment of activation. Only after a card is activated, it can be used to pay for the goods within the balance. There are several values which are chosen by a person who makes a present. There are gift cards which are locked in particular regions or on the contrary they are accessible in a specific region and can be used only by its citizens. The currency also depends on the country the card is issued for. As to all other features, the cards are technically all the same.

In order to redeem a card, an owner should:

  • go to the Store and select Games;
  • choose Use a Code feature;
  • get a prepaid key coming in the form of a code consisting of 25 characters or QR code;
  • enter the received code in accordance with its form.

It is possible to activate a card using a web site:

  • go to;
  • select the Redeem code feature;
  • sign in if you have no account;
  • find and select the Redeem option;
  • enter the code and confirm.

Now a card can be used. It is precious because an owner can buy anything available in the store and benefit from the best deals, saving his money. He can purchase the titles of all genres, game points and passes, memberships, game-related content, various apps, accessories like console adornments, headsets, devices… Not all but most goods marketed within the app-store can be bought using this gift card.

If you do not remember the balance on your Xbox Gift Card, do not hesitate and visit our website where you can check an Xbox Gift Card balance without effort and delays.

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