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At Victoria’s Secret, we offer high quality women’s intimates, loungewear, sport apparel, fragrance, beauty products and more, all made to inspire confidence. Come into one of our stores, or visit anytime to shop the world’s sexiest store. Also, you can pay for the goods with an egift card Victoria Secret accepts in its every store.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is the most famous lingerie brand in the world, which since the last century has been creating a fairy tale year after year. It has experienced a lot in its history, and its stunning success has often kept the critics at bay. The company has not been reproached for anything, but it can always maintain its popularity.

Brand creation

In 1977, near San Francisco, Raymond opened his first boutique called Victoria’s Secret. The new store was innovative in everything from the elegant interior to the comfortable environment and friendly saleswomen. Raymond’s revolutionary project soon revolutionized the way lingerie was sold around the world.

In the mid-1990s, the world was dominated by the so-called golden era of top models. That’s why Victoria’s Secret brand was caught on the bull’s-eye when it organized its first luxury show in 1995 at the Plaza Hotel in New York. Since then, the shows of the brand began to be held annually and were extremely popular. 

In 1998, for the first time appeared Victoria’s Secret “angels” – the most famous models, which presented the company’s products. They were called “angels”, because during the show, in addition to underwear, the girls were decorated with various wings: butterflies, birds, fairies, etc. The company’s management explained their popularity by the fact that during the show they demonstrated a dream. To touch this dream, you can use a Victoria secret egift card. And you can track Victoria Secret egift card on our website.

Interesting facts about the company

  • Assortment: in the store you can find everything from cosmetics to sportswear. Designers bet on a variety of styles to please every customer, so there are a lot of different goods.
  • Uniqueness: despite the wide choice of clothes, the brand is famous primarily for underwear. Victoria’s Secret – one of the few manufacturers of lingerie, who manages to create sexy lingerie not vulgar. In addition, the brand has a well-developed dimensional grid, so there are both very large and very small sizes. The number of styles and colors are also enviable. And all those items can be bought with a Victoria secret egift card.
  • Best value for money: the goods are not cheap, but affordable. 
  • Fact from the story: the company was founded by a gentleman who, buying underwear for his wife, every time was extremely frustrated by the scarcity and tastelessness of the range available in department stores.

Can you cancel a Victoria’s Secret egift card and pay with cash? Unfortunately, the balance of your Victoria’s Secret egift card cannot be converted into cash.

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