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If your friend often goes out to eat in Subway restaurants and you are looking for a present for him, you definitely should consider a Subway Gift Card. It can be used in any fast food joint of this restaurant chain throughout the U.S. Also, an owner of such a card is welcomed to apply it in any Subway restaurant in Canada. 

In the article we’ll tell you about the brand, card, and a way to keep the amount on it under control. If you want to get the detailed instructions as to a balance on your Subway gift card, please, look for them at 

Why should you choose this gift?

Subway is a popular American restaurant brand which is known all over the U.S. due to a well-developed franchise. Here the visitors can enjoy the quality fast food with tasty salads and legendary sandwiches. They do consider the health related aspects and offer fresh, properly cooked and served meal, that is why they have a reputation of a health-conscious restaurant. The particular menu holds visitors for years. Another hallmark is creative locations. It was founded in 1965 and since that time they have gained nationwide popularity and become a world-famous venue. 

Give your friends or family a present in a form of a gift card allowing them to have a bite in this restaurant. Paying for the meal with this card, an owner will not pay any additional fee and can easily prove it by looking through a Subway gift card balance.

Subway Gift Card

You can buy this gift card from authorized resellers, at, or using a correspondent application for smartphones. There is a range of deposits to choose from $5 and $500. If checking Subway gift card balance the owner views the lack of funds, he can reload a card with U.S. (or Canadian) currency and reuse it to enjoy a delicious meal at any time he wants. It can be used to purchase meals and services (delivery, for instance) in restaurants or online at 

There is a couple of restrictions of its usage:

  • It is impossible to buy any other cards using a gift card. 
  • It is impossible to withdraw cash too. 

Prior to use, it should be registered on the website where a user finds an instruction. Unfortunately, $500 is a limit and you cannot have a larger amount. In order to pay with a card, a user is expected to register it at or right in a Subway restaurant location where he is going to have a bite. Also, an owner can benefit from Subway coupons available currently and get nice discounts on his favorites.

How to check balance online?

You should know that the Subway online Gift Card does not expire. It does not come with additional fees for transactions or any penalties. To make a purchase, a card should be used. There is no other way to pay (like mentioning a phone number or providing a driver’s license). When an owner has used a card several times and does not remember a remaining balance on it, he can check Subway gift card balance by visiting our website. It is easy to do online and does not require any allowances.

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