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Is a friend of yours a coffee lover? We know that the best gift for him will be an online Starbucks gift card for as many cups and snacks as the amount allows! If you are a happy owner of such a card, and have used it several times by the current moment you should know the balance to understand whether you can afford another purchase. Go to our website and check Starbucks gift card balance in no time!

Why Starbucks?

Starbucks is a brilliant tasty coffee and more than that! They offer a nice menu to have a delicious and healthy bite. That is why their eGifts are so popular. This is an efficient idea for a last-minute present.  Moreover, they provide customers with a range of options allowing them to customize a card for various occasions. It can be designed in accordance with Valentine’s Day holiday or Christmas. It is easy to send a gift to friends on social media even through their website. Using Starbucks gift card online, an owner can buy any product available at a local store or on a website. If there is a need he can conduct a Starbucks gift card balance check to continue shopping

Add to the above mentioned arguments for the solution that the cards are marketed even with a small sum of money – $5 is an amount which everyone can afford. Any card can be personalized with a message. You can send it to a colleague inviting him to have a cup of coffee together. And there is no need for shipping! Starbucks guarantees a well-timed delivery.

Is it easy to use a Starbucks gift card?

First, you can buy a digital Starbucks Card on or in a correspondent mobile app by following the instructions after you select the Gift icon. Then, you can send it to your friend, family, or anyone you want to make a pleasant surprise so that he or she can buy beverages and food at a physical Starbucks venue or on their website. All that should be done is to provide a recipient name and email address where the purchased digital Starbucks gift card will be sent immediately. The only requirement is that a store location where you are going to buy a card must participate in this program. 

When a gift card is registered, its owner joins the Starbucks Rewards program and that means he can benefit from the additional bonuses like collecting Stars which can be spent for free coffee and food. There are also other items of this program which attract the users and make them regular customers of the Starbucks stores. To manage the budget there are some ways to find out Starbucks gift card balance.

The ways to know the balance

Every time you use your card, you’d better check the balance to ensure that your purchase can be paid up. This can be done by three means:

  • on our website in the fastest way possible;
  • at a Starbucks store;
  • on their website.

In the latter case, you should go to their site, scroll the page to its bottom, find a relevant box and type your card number and PIN into it. Now you will be offered to check the balance, just click on the button to view it. If it is too complicated, benefit from our site and check Starbucks gift card balance online in a couple of seconds.

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