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If you are fond of gaming and hanker after trying a new title and you have a virtual Playstation gift card but have used it several times and do not know the balance, you can figure it out by visiting our website. In the article we’ll consider the way you can check the balance of a Playstation gift card online. But if you still have questions, you are suggested to find the answers at

By the way, you can get a Sony Playstation gift card online with an amount of $10 for free if you are signed up with Swagbucks providing the email of a user and password.

Why do you need the Sony Playstation Store?

Everybody knows that PlayStation is a video game console of a new generation which appeared in 1994 for the first time. It is produced by Sony Computer Entertainment which has launched a digital store – a well-developed web browser with plenty of functions. Here you can buy any title you want, benefit from special offers and discounts. It is open 24/7. Thus, at every moment anybody can visit it and choose the entertainment he prefers from the largest library of content in multiple genres. It is possible to pay for the goods using a credit card. The transactions are secure thanks to encryption of the web traffic. To use it, a player is expected to sign in to PSN, go to the store, select a product clicking on Add to Cart, go to the cart and follow the instruction to pay for a product. They offer regular deals so that a customer could save his money and benefit from a purchase twice. There are plenty of advantages here, that is why this is a stunning idea for a gift.

The activation process 

It is easy to buy a PlayStation store gift card from an online retailer which will send a code to redeem a card via email. To use this card, it is required to:

  • go to PlayStation Store;
  • sign in or click on a user’s Avatar if he already has his own account;
  • find “Redeem Codes” in a drop-down menu and click on it;
  • type the received code in an accurate way following the origin and select “Redeem”;
  • get a confirmation sent via email;
  • ensure that the code expiration date is ok.

Now the card should be activated. The activation process is also easy, just follow the displayed guides. When activation is required, a white sticker appears on the display right on the front, informing a user about the necessity to do this. The sticker includes a toll-free number or a website link where the card can be activated.

If there are any problems, ensure that there are no mistakes in the above mentioned data and try again later. If still there is no result, contact the retailer and figure out the reason for inactivation. 

Now an owner of a card can buy anything in the PlayStation store using his gift card within the Playstation gift card balance. Please, mind that the funds remaining on the card do not expire, but a PSN gift card does if it is not applied during a year after issuing. 

Checking the balance

It is easy to check the balance on a PS4 gift card. There are several ways to do it. You can call the mentioned toll-free number or just visit any location of Playstation Network and ask in person. If you feel that these two methods are troublesome, do it on our website without effort. It is vital to know a card number and PIN (a security code) being usually located on the back of the card or sent via email.

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