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Panda Express is a unique example of combining American and Chinese cuisine. In fact it is the first Chinese restaurant that has set a goal to develop chain outlets and popularize Chinese cuisine. And it has succeeded! If you have a gift card, you can check express gift card balance and pay the bill at the restaurant with it.

What is Panda Express

Now if you have a panda gift card balance, then you can visit the restaurant and pay the bill with the gift card. But how did it all begin? The American Asian food chain Panda Express is run by married couple Andy and Peggy Cherng. Both came to the U.S. from Asia with their parents in search of a better life, went to university, but money was tight – Andy was working part-time as a waiter in New York.

In 1972, the couple moved to California, Andy worked seven days a week at his cousin’s place for $800 a month. Because of a disagreement with a cousin who didn’t even speak English, Andy had to quit. Then, in 1973, he found a restaurant in Pasadena that was for rent, borrowed $60,000 from relatives, and opened his noodle shop. Andy’s brothers and sisters worked for free at the first Panda Express establishment; his wife Peggy joined the family business ten years later.

In the early ’80s, Andy met developer Dan Donahue and negotiated to open locations in his malls. By 1985, the company was opening five or nine outlets a year – they were noodle shops in food courts. Then the chain hit the streets: the founders wanted Panda Express to be on every corner and open 24 hours a day. In those days, Chinese places were mostly family-run eateries, Cherngi set out to take their chain to another level: they offered customers combo dinners and worked on the taste of the dishes. As an engineer by trade, Peggy was the first restaurateur to use a computer to study ordering statistics – it made purchasing easier.

Features of Panda Express

Now if you have an express gift card, check the balance and visit the restaurant. Even if you don’t think Asian food is for you, Panda Express might surprise you. The family has worked for years to develop the taste of the dishes and experimented. In doing so, Chinese traditions have been preserved, allowing the concept of American-Chinese cuisine to be taken to a new level. The combination of American fast food and Chinese food allowed the company to create a large number of restaurants and become famous. So you should check balance on express gift cards and go for a tasting.

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