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Let them choose what they really want! From office supplies and paper to technology products and furniture, they’ll love the selections they’ll find when shopping online, in-store or via catalog.

Office Max

In July 1988, a small OfficeMax retail store opened in Cleveland, Ohio, and began selling office supplies. Thanks to a well-chosen assortment, reasonable rates, high quality of service and thoughtful marketing moves, the business began to develop rapidly, and by the end of 1989, expanding its retail network, OfficeMax opened 11 supermarkets in 4 states. You can buy all you need in any local retail store or online using their gift card. This is a very beneficial option. We suggest you choose any Office Max gift card on our website. Also, here you can check Office Max gift card balance.

And while the global supermarket chain OfficeMax, focused on the end consumer – organizations and individuals – provides the widest range of products and the opportunity to make purchases with maximum convenience and fixed low rates, the widest dealer network of the company works with a corporate client by catalog, forming a sales policy depending on the size of the firm. Anyway if you have an Office Max online gift card, you’ll benefit of their offers purchasing all available goods.

Due to impeccable service and a diverse range of products, OfficeMax does everything possible to ensure that the client “did not have the opportunity and desire” to apply to another company engaged in the supply of office supplies. Sales representatives of OfficeMax carefully monitor the frequency of purchases, track groups of goods which are in constant demand, and provide the client with the maximum convenience of ordering the needed items from the catalog. OfficeMax has been cooperating with such companies for many years.


Office Max gift card

OfficeMax catalogs are designed to help customers save time and money. And this is quite obvious for most Americans: in the U.S., the work on catalogs has been going on for decades. And this form of ordering goods, perhaps, even more acceptable and familiar than a trip to the store (this is true not only for office supplies, but also for other products, cosmetics, clothing, and even furniture). That is why OfficeMax regularly produces a huge circulation of colorfully illustrated catalog, more than 250 pages, with the best selection and free delivery of goods when ordering from $ 50. Enjoy the possibilities using your gift card. On our website you can check your Office Max gift card balance online.

Regular customers of OfficeMax

  • DU PONT;
  • NOKIA;
  • COLA SOSA etc.

Office Max is about the code of business conduct and ethics, many years of experience, the corporate spirit of all its employees. Their global goal that all the company’s employees without exception see for themselves is the maximum comfort for the customer. Join this community and buy the goods in these stores using an Office Max gift card if you want to save money.

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