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Thirty-nine years ago, in the small American town of Clearwater, Florida, six friends saved $140,000 and opened Hooters. For all of them, it was their first business. After beer, they came up with the idea for a men’s restaurant with chicken wings and sexy waitresses. They also chose the name with a reference – since hoots has two meanings: the whooshing of an owl and a woman’s breasts. You can also buy special gift cards. You can pay the bill at the restaurant with a positive hooters gift card balance.

Brief history of the brestaurants chain

The main feature of Hooters is the uniforms of the waitresses. Hooters girls have to wear very short orange shorts and tight T-shirts with deep necklines. The management specifically selects girls with large breasts to attract men. Therefore, the American press dubbed Hooters as brestaurants. 

The concept invented by self-taught restaurateurs was very liked by professionals. The year the first establishment opened, Hugh Connerty, the manager of a large American steakhouse chain, came to its founders. He bought the rights to the Hooters name for $50,000 and guaranteed the six friends a royalty of 3% of the new establishments’ profits. The founders retained exclusive rights to the first few restaurants. In 2012, Hooters revamped its menu and design with more healthy food and a more modern look. If you want to pay for your dinner with a gift card, you should first check hooters gift card balance.

The testosterone-fueled spirit of the place is reflected in the huge number of screens for sports broadcasts, in the clear dominance of men among visitors, and in the signs – from the poster “soup of the day – lager beer” to the inscriptions “sitting pretty” and “standing proud” on the toilet door, and, of course, in the menu. It is based on a variety of burgers, sandwiches, seafood, specialty chicken wings, salads and other pleasures of simple American cuisine multiplied by twenty kinds of draft beer with a cocktail list to boot. If you’ve been given a special gift card from this restaurant, use the hooters gift card balance check to see how much money is available.

Hooters gift cards

Hooters gift cards are a great gift for the man who likes to spend time with his friends. Although now Hooters is changing the concept and you can find different restaurants, many of which have moved away from the usual trend. But still the usual format with half-naked girls is still the most interesting. So you can check balance on hooters gift card and visit one of the popular restaurants.


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