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It is so easy to buy a H&M gift card online or at any H&M store and send it as a present to a friend or family. It can be applied for shopping being restricted only by its value. If you or your friend want to add some fresh items to a wardrobe, it is high time to visit the H&M store and buy all that you can afford. The amount can be spent partially and then you should know the balance to continue. We help you to do it. Just visit our website and check H and M gift card balance right now. We do provide this option free of charge and any additional requirements.

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H&M is a Sweden brand which is recognizable and loved globally. Here everybody can purchase quality clothing at a quite reasonable price. The production of the goods is usually outsourced to other manufactures located in the countries where an inexpensive labor is available. The conditions may be not as good as in Europe, but that allows decreasing the cost of every item and establish the affordable ultimate prices. 

The company (Hennes & Mauritz AB) was founded in 1947 providing numerous fashion choices. Now it includes 8 brands for accessories, homewares, and clothes. They use eco-friendly organic cotton and recycled polyester producing their goods and offer conscious sustainable clothing collections showing concern about the environment. They even have experience with healthy food.

It is clear that to get their gift card as a present for any occasion is a sheer pleasure. You’d better check H&M gift card for the amount available and choose the goods of this brand. It is important to use a gift card in the country where it was bought (both online or in store). Thus, it can be reloaded also in that country.


Once again, the issuer allows making both full and partial payment with H&M Gift Cards. The cost of the goods which are paid up with a card is deducted. As far as any purchase is proved by a receipt, a buyer can look at it and view a remaining balance which can be spent next time. If there are no sufficient funds, it is allowed to reload a card or combine it with all other payment methods. It does not matter whether it is a physical or digital gift card. It is recommended to go to any local H&M store and ask the managers: Please, check my h&m gift card balance. They will certainly help with this issue. In case of online shopping, a user should select “Add gift card” as a payment option and enter both its numbers in a pop-up field. The online H&M gift card balance can be checked on the issuer’s site too. Or it is easy to do on our site! 

It is important to understand that the gift cards have no value if they are not activated. To activate it:

  • an owner should know the number of a card, PIN code specified on the back of a card;
  • it is required to scratch the grey paint to view the number. 

These cards do not have expiration dates. By the way, there are no service fees either. Please, mind that H&M Gift Card is redeemable up to the balance which can be spent on the goods or services provided by H&M. It is impossible to redeem the amount for cash.

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