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Gap has wardrobe essentials, great-fitting pants, trendy tops & great denim. You’ll find everything you need for men, women, kids and baby at Gap.


Clothing with GAP marks is in the wardrobe of many people. This American brand has done the impossible, having managed to unite buyers of various segments – from economy to luxury, from simple citizens to multimillionaires. In our shop you can find a gift card, so it will be easy to choose a gift.

Universal cut, quality materials, simple and at the same time attractive design, democratic prices, constant impressive discounts – all this attracts millions of people to GAP and its affiliated brands – Old Navy, Banana Republic, Pipperlime, Athleta. Curiously, the history of this brand began literally with inexpensive jeans. 

History of the brand

Fisher, GAP founder, had neither a design education nor even the skill to handle a sewing machine. But Don had the character of a winner. As a child, he was actively engaged in sports swimming and used not to give up, defeating even older and stronger rivals. In an epic with his jeans, his “rivals” were traditional shops. 

Together with his wife Doris he picked up sewers capable of sewing exactly what was required, and opened a small shop of really comfortable things. The name for him was invented by Doris’ supporting husband: Generation GAP. The name hinted at the dissatisfaction of young people with the not so expensive and pathos clothing offered by stores of “older generations”. But very soon Generation GAP was reduced to just GAP.

GAP promotes the so-called Normcore style. Its chip is to dress “for yourself”, it is extremely comfortable, as if nobody will see you. If you have a gift card discount, you can buy things at an attractive price.

To promote the brand GAP Inc. uses in its advertising campaigns as the first magnitude stars, and actors who have played minor but prominent roles in popular movies and TV series. And it’s not about saving. GAP inspires customers: to live like in a movie, you do not have to spend on expensive outfits – just choose comfortable and good brand clothing.

GAP regularly attracts famous world designers to create its collections. Valentino, Michael Bastian, Sasha Pivovarova, Pierre Ardi, Isabelle Morant, Diana von Furstenberg and many others noted in such collections. combines four brands – GAP, OldNavy, Banana Republic, Athleta. So you can combine four brands of clothing and shoes in one purchase. In our shop you can find a gap gift card sale. Using the gap gift card discounts you can buy quality things from GAP at the lowest prices.

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