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Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines, Inc – the world’s largest airline, which for many years now holds a leading position among carriers in: 

  • terms of passenger traffic volumes;
  • international transport network of destinations. 

Together with its alliance partners and a group of subsidiaries, it operates about 7 thousand flights every day. The route network covers all continents, crosses all oceans and has over 370 airports in 66 countries. You can also use delta air lines gift card to purchase tickets.

The history of the company

The company was officially registered in 1924 in Macon, Georgia, and specialized in the manufacture of military aircraft. Delta got its name a year later when it moved to Louisiana, where the first domestic passenger flights started. During the Great Depression, the company provided agricultural services for the local plantations, and only after winning the competition for postal transportation was it able to return the few passenger flights. After moving its head office to Atlanta, the company began to actively develop and absorb small regional carriers. If you want to make a pleasant surprise, delta airlines gift card will be a great solution.


Delta Air Lines entered the transcontinental routes by the end of the 70s, and twenty years later acquired the rights to the popular flights of the bankrupt Pan American. This required a significant expansion of the air fleet and staff. However, 10 years later the company’s management had to restructure the company due to the threat of bankruptcy. More than 15% of jobs were lost, employees were paid less, several additional air bases were closed and some of the divisions were sold.

In 2008, Delta Air Lines’ assets were supplemented with a controlling stake in Northwest Airlines, another renowned U.S. carrier. The process of merging the companies was complex and lengthy, but in 2010 Delta completely absorbed NWA. The main air base of the newly established company was the airport Hartsfield Jackson (Atlanta). On our website you can find delta air lines gift card.

The American airline has been repeatedly named the best due to the non-standard strategy of the management, aimed at reducing costs and improving service level at the same time. Examples of such actions include buying a refinery to control fuel prices, betting on used aircraft with the simultaneous installation of new modern interiors, investing in modernization of its terminals at airports.

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