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At Crate and Barrel, we pride ourselves on being an authority in home design with an expertise in entertaining by providing quality products, timeless designs and expert guidance.

Crate & Barrel

What is the secret of Crate & Barrel’s international success? In the early 1960s, a young couple from Chicago, Gordon and Carol Segal returned home from a wedding trip through Europe. And they wondered why there were no stores in their city where they could buy simple classic white dishes. Dreaming of making stylish objects available to people, the couple went back to Europe to buy accessories and handmade crockery from private potters and glassblowers. 

When they returned to Chicago, they had no money left to fully lay out the goods they had bought, and used shipping boxes as shelves, while wooden barrels filled with fine utensils and accessories. Their unconventional approach was the basis of the Crate and Barrel style and even the brand name itself.

This is how the history of Crate and Barrel began, which, for more than half a century, gives the consumer high quality and stylish products for home, kitchen, bedroom, office, hallway and bathroom.Now you can check the balance of the crate & bar gift card at any time and use it to purchase various goods.

Crate & Barrel brand development

The company was “talked about” from the first days of its opening. Its first boutique was located in the area of expensive stores among the products, which were not present even in the wake of what was presented by Crate and Barrel. In their desire to surprise customers with functional products for home, which at that time could not be purchased in the U.S., the couple spent all their capital on the purchase of various collections. But they managed to present home products within the area of one store, which were the best solution for interior design.If you want to check the balance of a gift card with a box and a barrel, you can do it on our website.

Since then, dishes and home textiles, furniture and decoration, carpets, vases and much more can always be bought in one place. Crate and Barrel housewares create a special cozy atmosphere, so the famous masters of interior design draw inspiration from the stores of this famous American brand. So a crate and barrel e gift card is a great gift for any person, who is used to creating a cozy atmosphere in his home.

The world’s leading companies produce collections of home products exclusively for Crate and Barrel. The home products of this company are always distinguished by: 

  • exclusivity; 
  • naturalness; 
  • eco-friendliness; 
  • modernity.

If you do not know where to check the balance of a gift card in the form of a box and a barrel, you can do it on our website.In addition, crate and barrel gift card registration is a simple process and you will quickly start using the card.

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