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Cinnabon is an exclusive maker of confectionery products with the signature Indonesian cinnamon Makara. Cinnabon bakers bake Cinnabons, Minibons, Bonbites and cupcakes in front of visitors. All baking is done in a professional oven with a secret program, which is used to produce Cinnabon products all over the world. If you want to find the perfect gift, you can buy a gift card. Anyone can check the cinnabon gift card balance and buy the perfect bun.

The invention of magic

It started when, in 1985, a couple of bakers had the idea to create the best cinnamon bun on the planet, which should be heaven on earth for everyone:

  • no expensive fudge;
  • no filling crawling out of the dough;
  • but juicy and sweet.

To bring their plan to life, the enthusiasts conducted more than a dozen pastry experiments over many months. They even traveled to Indonesia in search of the ideal cinnamon variety. Only their persistence, faith in their strength and belief in the indispensable success of the case allowed the magic to happen – they invented the perfect recipe that gave mankind one of the most delicious buns. The cherished formula is still kept in the strictest secret. So if you have been given an interesting gift, you can check cinnabon gift card balance and go for the most delicious buns.

But even without specifics, we can identify the ingredients for success:

  • A special dough – the base of the bun must be wheat flour with a high percentage of gluten in its composition;
  • A unique variety of cinnamon, the Indonesian Makara, which grows at an altitude of 5,000 meters above sea level;
  • The standard of production – the twisted roll of dough, which the pastry chefs cut into rings, must be no more than five turns.

And real Cinnabons are baked in the oven in front of visitors and served hot. In addition, you can buy special gift cards and visit one of the baked goods stores after the cinnabon gift card balance check.

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