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Audible has the world’s largest selection of audiobooks. Every month members get an audiobook and Audible Originals of their choice. Plus, exclusive fitness and meditation programs–all at your fingertips with the free app. Get free and easy audiobook exchanges. Keep your books forever even if you cancel.


Everyone knows that information can be obtained not only through reading, but also through listening. In this case, listening to audio books. The Audible service is an excellent collection of audio books. You do not need to download anything to your device, the audio book you need will automatically appear in your Kindle or mobile device in the Android, iOS or Windows Phone app. And with an Audible gift card, you will be able to quickly purchase all the books you are interested in.

The app has a monthly subscription option. However, everyone has the opportunity to try a 30-day free period with the possibility to enjoy two audiobooks of your choice. These books will not be deleted if your free period is over – they will be yours forever! So it makes perfect sense to try this app and start listening to the books online.

Audible can be used through the website, or you can use the application. This service offers the opportunity to buy books by the piece, as well as use a paid subscription. You can listen directly on their website or on some mobile devices. The fact is that they convert books into a special .aa format, and not all devices can play it. This is done in order to protect against pirates. Mainly Audible focuses on the owners of “Apple products”, and everything works fine on such devices. There is also an option to install iTunes on the computer and listen from there. If you are looking for a gift for your friend, the Audible com gift card is a great choice.

How to use Audible?

It is clear how to use the buttons and what pages you can find, but how can you start listening to a book? First of all, you need to register at Amazon and then you can either buy or borrow books for free through this site. What are credits in Audible? This is the currency in this application. You get one credit every month. For this credit you can buy one book for free and listen to it without any fee. You can also buy an audible com gift card to receive books through it.


The obvious advantages of an Audible online gift card are ease of use, the variety of services provided and a large number of books and channels. You can immediately see how the developers have worked through each button in detail and provided the consumer, who knows nothing about this application, with all the information.

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