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Gift cards are a seamless solution. It empowers recipients with choice being a simple, convenient payment method. Almost every merchant applies this tool to diverse offers for customers and the Apple brand is not any different in this respect.

If you are a proud owner of an Apple gift card, you can buy a lot of useful things in an Apple Store starting from an application ending with an accessory. But before you apply your card, you should be sure to have enough money on your account to cover a payment. You can check an Apple gift card balance by visiting our website with no effort. 

It should not be expensive

Mind that an Apple gift card has a maximum limit and it is equal to $ 250. If a part of the amount is charged off an Apple gift card, check balance to continue shopping. In terms of how much you should present, you can choose from $20 which allows a you to enjoy over a dozen songs or a couple of premium applications. Also this amount is enough to buy a couple of months of a streaming service and enjoy its video content. The assortment of Apple Store is so enormous that everybody can find something within his budget. This is a great gift idea, in particular under the conditions of the pandemic and the fact that most people in the world are not able to go and see each other in person. To overcome the social distance from each other, everybody can give a present by sending a gift card.

If you have gift card Apple issues, you can use it to buy something in an Apple Store or in its online version. If the price exceeds the available amount, it is possible to combine a gift card and a debit/credit card. But in a wide range of cases the funds are sufficient to purchase:

  • apps, 
  • titles, 
  • accessories, 
  • movies and TV shows, 
  • music,
  • and other content. 

It allows paying for subscriptions and enjoying the safe iCloud storage which can be reached from all Apple devices. By the way, if there is a reason, it is easy to return an Apple Store Gift Card, reaching out to the support team. 

The way to use it

Mind that you can use your Apple Store gift card online and physically only at a local Apple Store, on an App Store site (including Music, TV, Books, and other properties) or through the Apple Store app. In order to pay for online purchases using this card, its owner is expected to enter a card number, CVV and mention an expiry date. The information is specified on the back of the card. If there is a requirement to provide a name of a card, “Gift Card” should be entered in the appropriate field.

To start using a gift card, you should redeem it on an Apple device tapping Redeem Gift Card. Then, enter a 16-digit code and complete the operation. It is possible to add money into your account and use it to make a purchase. When you are going to buy a product, you type the gift card number into a relevant field in a shopping cart and continue a transaction as if you were handling a usual purchase. You can easily check balance of Apple gift card on our website and if there are funds left, you can use them later. There is no expiration date for them, but still additional restrictions may appear and Apple informs of the news on their website.

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