Save 48% off all fees when ordering Visa and Mastercard Simon gift cards online. Use promo code JUL22AUG48 when ordering at

Note that many have experienced difficulty in liquidation in the last year or two, so this is a less attractive deal than in the past, though it is still relatively easy to come out ahead depending on your liquidation options.  

The Deal

  • Simon Mall’s volume ordering site is offering the following discount codes for orders from its bulk gift card site (which requires approval to be able to purchase – see this post for more detail. Note that consumers should register as a consumer here in order to have access to the $1,000 cards.)
    • JUL22AUG48: 48% off purchase fees only. Valid 7/28/22 to 8/2/22

Key Terms

  • Promo codes can not be combined
  • Credit for orders submitted without codes will not be permitted

Quick Thoughts

This promotion makes the cost per card more reasonable assuming you’re buying a large quantity, but, since just the purchase fees are discounted it’s not as good a value as the normal offers where the discount is on all fees.

For example, if you were to buy 10 Visa Gift Cards and load them with $1,000 each using the discount code, this is how the math would work out in terms of fees:

  • 10 x $3.95 = $39.50
  • Add $10 processing
  • Add $17 shipping (note: This is an example and varies. This was the amount for shipping to me)
  • Total cost = $66.50
  • Total cost after 48% discount on purchase fees = $34.58 ($3.46 per $1,000 Visa Gift Card in this example)

This actually makes the discounted rate slightly more expensive per card than buying physical cards directly from a Simon Mall (although the gas money saved probably more than makes up for it). Your cost may be more or less depending on how many cards you order (larger orders come to a cheaper cost per card). While not the cheapest manufactured spending around, that certainly makes these cards easily profitable or makes for fairly cheap points for those with a use for the Visa Gift Cards.

Particularly with the demise of and given the monthly caps on portal earnings for those sites and the fact that those sites now sell a max denomination of $250 per gift card, Simon was looking a bit better until recent issues began. There are other options still around for buying Visa and Mastercard gift cards as well, but as noted above make sure you have a couple of backup plans.

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