Chase is launching its own series of airport lounges, known as the Sapphire Lounge. But what are they like? And where are they located? Can you get in for free, or what are the rules? In this guide, we’ll dig into the new Chase Sapphire Lounges to cover locations, what the lounges are like, and how to access them.

Chase to Add Sapphire Lounge in Las Vegas

The newest addition to the Sapphire Lounge roll-out is in Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport (LAX). From looking at the plan documents, we can see the following details about the lounge:

  • Location: Terminal C
  • Size: 4,500 square feet

Chase Sapphire Lounge Locations

From what we know so far, Chase is planning to open 6 Chase Sapphire Lounges in airports:

  • Boston (BOS) — between Terminals B and C
  • New York (LGA) — in Terminal B
  • Phoenix (PHX) — in Terminal 4
  • San Diego (SAN) — in Terminal 2-West
  • Hong Kong (HKG) — in Terminal 1
  • Las Vegas (LAS) — in Terminal C

Chase originally announced its plans for airport lounges in June 2021. Chase will partner with The Club for its Sapphire Lounges, bringing the full name to Chase Sapphire LoungeSM by The Club.

Details on Specific Lounges

Not all of the details are known yet, but here’s what we do know:

  • Boston — documents show Chase received a 12-year lease, the lounge will have $20.4 million in investment, and construction should start early in 2022. The size will be 12,000 square feet, and amenities will include showers, business facilities, a separate family room, and wellness facilities.
  • Hong Kong — the lounge should open sometime in 2022. It will be near Gate 40 in the International Departures area / West Hall.
  • Phoenix — the anticipated opening is in summer 2022. Size will be 3,500 square feet, and the location is in the new S1 Concourse in Terminal 4.
  • San Diego — opening is expected to be November 2023. The lounge will be on the mezzanine level of Terminal 2, located near Gates 46 & 47. The size is 11,000 square feet, and documents say the lounge will include locally-inspired cuisine and artwork.
  • There are no details about the New York (LGA) lounge, such as features or opening dates.

Logo for Chase Sapphire Lounges

Access to Chase Sapphire Lounges

So, how do you get into the lounges (and get in without paying)?

First, anyone with a Priority Pass membership will be able to enter. Ironically, this means you could enter a lounge designed by Chase bank using a Priority Pass membership tied to your Capital One or American Express credit card. Opening the Chase Sapphire Lounges to all Priority Pass members is a much broader scope than the way Capital One lounges and American Express Centurion Lounges run admission to their lounges.

Second, the verbiage in Chase’s documents indicates access for Sapphire members. What this looks like in practice is a bit confusing. Given that Priority Pass members will be able to enter, that provides guaranteed access for those with the Chase Sapphire Reserve® — since Priority Pass is a perk of this card. But we had already assumed those with the Sapphire Reserve would have access to the Chase Sapphire Lounges, given that this is their premium credit card product.

What about those with the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card? They are Sapphire members, as are those with the no-fee Chase Sapphire® Card. Will these cardmembers have access? Maybe they will get limited numbers of visits or a discounted rate on paid entry. As of yet, Chase hasn’t spelled out the access rules very clearly.

What to Expect at Chase Sapphire Lounges

Using design sketches from Boston and Phoenix bid documents, we don’t see much that we didn’t expect already.

Design sketch for Chase Sapphire Lounges presentation at Phoenix

When thinking about airport lounges, seeing a sketch that shows a bar and a food service counter isn’t anything surprising. Additionally, the sketches from Boston show us the concept for the lounge entrance and various seating areas.

Design sketch for Chase Sapphire Lounges presentation at Boston

Other than these sketches, we know the Phoenix lounge should include showers, and standard “airport lounge” items like Wi-Fi, various seating areas, plus food & drinks should be included at all locations.

Beyond this, Chase isn’t giving us much to go on with their Sapphire Lounges at this point. It stands to reason that bigger lounges should have more amenities than smaller lounges.

That being said, Chase is likely moving into the airport lounge arena to compete with American Express and Capital One on this front. Thus, if that’s the goal, they will need to offer similar experiences in order to compete. For me, I expect Chase’s lounges will be similar to the others in that regard. Chase will need to have more than just a chair and some peanuts to compete with Centurion Lounges.

Bottom Line

Chase is partnering with The Club to plan out its Sapphire Lounges, and the first 6 planned lounges are underway. Specifics are still lacking in two key areas: exactly how to get in and exactly what the lounges will include.

Tentative opening dates and specific locations of the lounges within the respective airports are covered above. Chase is working to keep up with Capital One and American Express in terms of airport lounges. Once the first location opens later this year, we’ll have a better idea of what to expect from Chase and its other lounges going forward.

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